Place where Food and Wine meets Travel and Hospitality!
Who we are?
Georgian Wine and Food Tourism Association is a non-profit and non-governmental organization (NGO) whit one main goal - to develop and promote worldwide Georgian wine and food tourism, authentic hospitality and cultural heritage.
Georgian Wine and Food Tourism Association creates development opportunities and economic platform, where Georgian food and wine meets travel and hospitality.
In the case of wine and food tourism specific versatility, especially in Georgia, we are uniting different related sectors in one friendly community called Georgian Wine and Food Tourism Association.
Did you know?
 A prime example of the history and spirit of Georgia is the traditional feast, called a supra. Here, the nation’s rich and diverse culinary scene is showcased along with world famous Georgian hospitality. Another Georgian cultural treasure included on UNESCO’s list is the ancient “qvevri” wine-making tradition, which Georgians have used to produce world-class wines for centuries. The Caucasus region is steadily gaining attention around the world and Georgia is becoming a favorite destination of travelers and international media outlets alike, praised for its food and wine.
 In February 23, 2013, Georgians celebrated the wedding of local wine (a.k.a. fiancé) and cheese (a.k.a. bride)!
We strongly believe that those cultural and historical heritages are worthy of high attention and being established as an industries separate direction, which will represent a strong basis for growing economics in Georgia.
Association has several department, responsible about important goals and objectives such as:
• Marketing;
• Education;
• Business support;
• Advocacy.
•Wine/spirits and food tourism service providers (tour-companies, tour-agents);
• Wineries and wine cellars, wine shops, sommeliers, restaurants, cafes and etc.;
• Food and Wine Journalists/Bloggers/Writers;
• Marketers focused at Wine and Food researches/works ;
• Food-Photographers and Food Designers;
• Culinary specialists;
• Wine and Food Business Supporting Organizations (BSO’s)
• Foreign organizations or individuals related to Wine and Food Tourism Develompnet.
Each department is prioritized and serves to upgrade and promote the century-old history of Georgian wine/food/travel/hospitality to the brand new level.
Georgian Wine and Food Tourism Association is a member of EPAC. The goal of our membership in EPAC is to identify common objectives and initiate policy reforms which will meet Georgia’s civil society needs, requirements and challenges.

Our Missions:
• To Increase service quality of wine and food tourism suppliers by ensuring the professional education of staff and manager
• To share approved international experience in food and wine tourism industry and adjust gained information to Georgian market and cultural position.;
• To share information/experience (generated by local and international level specialists in different sectors) with our member companies/organizations/physical persons;
• To create a successful promoting and marketing system for Georgian wine and food tourism;
• Entry in worldwide and European organizations;
• Legal support and motivation increasing in career development;
• Support in communication with governmental Institutions
• To maximize Georgian wine and food tourism’s socio-economic contribution while minimizing its possible negative impacts

The ways of implementation:
Our ExBo and management team, completed with high level professionals, are already using their knowledge and skills in developing GWFTA’s working strategies and future plans. Our experience in founding and managing successful umbrella-type organisations (such as Georgian Guides Association; Georgian Hotel, Restaurant and Cafes Federation) gives us a high motivation and self-confidence at using our implementation tools , such as :
• International exchange programs;
• Professional educational courses, trainings and seminars;
• Collecting of data’s and creating the database;
• Organizing different forums and meetings;
• Set-up of a business contacts;
• Organization of a motivating meetings and supporting the working practice;
• Monthly Journal;
• Organizing different competitions;
• Relation with media;
• Creating contacts with donors and potential investors;
• Set-up research and monitoring;
• Dissemination of a literature and information;