Tataraoba in Kakheti

Tataraoba in Kakheti
Tatara is a Georgian word, which stands for grape juice cream and Tataraoba is the tradition of making Georgian delights - Churchkhela still kept in Kakheti, Georgia. Every Autumn family gathers for this occasion and granny makes Churchkhelas for us. As I mentioned above, Churchkhela is made of sweet grape juice and various nuts on thread, sometimes people even dip various fruits in boiling grape juice. Afterwards churchkhelas are dried up and well preserved for New Year and Christmas celebratio...


  • Tamar Mirianashvili
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PDO and PGI importance for Georgian Wine Promotion - Will Georgia benefit from Geographical Indication at International Market?

Governments have been protecting trade names and trademarks used in relation to food products identified with a particular region since at least the end of the nineteenth century, using laws against false trade descriptions or passing off, which generally protect against suggestions that a product has a certain origin, quality or association when it does not. In such cases, the limitation on competitive freedoms which results from the grant of a monopoly of use over a geographical indication is ...
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